Staging an “in person” book launch is a great way to get the word out about your book among those who know you personally, while at the same time cementing those connections and even potentially forging new ones. Now, we know this all probably sounds pretty obvious, but it’s amazing how often we fail to see the potential in using personal connections as a starting point for building marketing reach. Here are 8 tips for a successful in-person book launch.

Top tips for staging a book launch event

  1. Send out personal invitations to the people you really want to be there and ask that they RSVP. That way, you can get a firm commitment from them, as well as a better estimate of the number of attendees you can expect (allowing you to plan accordingly).
  2. Contact your local newspaper and radio stations to see if they will send someone to cover the event. Journalists are always looking for something to write about, and a personal invitation to the book launch may give impetus to your request for coverage.
  3. Make an evening of it and provide refreshments, so that attendees feel comfortable.
  4. Try to book space in a venue that is literature-related. Investigate all of your options. A lot of independent bookshops now have function spaces where book launches can take place. The owners of these stores will often be valuable allies and can even help you get the word out about your launch within their own networks, so make contact with them early.
  5. Have print copies of your book ready to sign and sell to attendees (just one of the many reasons why you need a print version in addition to an ebook!). You may even sell enough books on the night to cover the costs of the launch!
  6. Have bookmarks printed up to hand out at the launch. That way, you can remain in the minds of your readers – even when they’re reading something else!
  7. Know what you want to do during the launch ahead of time. A reading and short speech are great icebreakers, and are essential to get things going.
  8. Mingle! Don’t be shy – this is your evening and you need to talk to as many people as possible.Twitter Chances are there are influencers to be found in the crowd (book club members, librarians, reviewers etc) who can spread the word about your book.

Have you held an in-person launch for your book? What was it like? Leave us a comment below.