It takes a village to “raise” a successful book.
Author Secret is that village.


We exist to help independent fiction authors produce and self-publish amazing books, and to teach them how to build engaged audiences so those books get the attention they deserve. We achieve this through our end-to-end writing and production services, and our book, email course and the Author Secret Academy – an ever-growing collection of resources to help self-publishing authors stay ahead of the pack.


Peter Barlow
Production Director

Peter has been designing books for so long that InDesign feels like an extension of himself. He is a sucker for well-designed serif typefaces and likes reading thrillers in his spare time.

Jenna Barlow
Editorial Director

Jenna holds a PhD in English Literature and “brings the words” to the office. She likes nothing better than to have her nose buried in a novel (any novel), and is a passionate advocate of the Oxford comma.

Nicole has a Master’s degree in English Literature and an eagle-eye for the intricacies of grammar and style. When she’s not up to her elbows in words, she’s planning her next globe-trotting trip to exotic locales.