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Learn how to self-publish your novel

The 3 different kinds of book editing explained

Line editing, copyediting, substantive editing, developmental editing, stylistic editing, structural editing… that one simple word encompasses so many different things! Making...

5 online writing communities for fiction authors

Writing a novel has traditionally been a lonely pursuit. No matter how crowded your head may be with characters, getting those...


Setting up a system to track your marketing efforts

There is an old management maxim that says: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. In terms of self-publishing,...


Writing persuasive sales copy

How you present yourself on your own site and online stores like Amazon can make or break a sale. Imagine that...


How to use social media effectively as an author

Apart from your email list, social media is by far the most effective tool for your book marketing efforts. It allows...


How to start and sustain an email newsletter

It’s never too early to start collecting email addresses of readers who are interested in hearing more from you on a...


Getting reviews for your book (and how to deal with negative ones)

Reviews are gold when it comes to drumming up sales for your self-published novel. Keep in mind that reviews are actually...


Book format and pricing strategies for self-publishers

There is no doubt that the creation of ebooks helped make self-publishing a viable business for authors. Ebooks are relatively cheap...


Building an author website [Megapost]

Your author website, combined with your content and where you send your traffic, is pivotal to the success of your book...

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