A blog page is a vital and integral component of your author website. It allows you to connect on a personal level with your readers; it’s also a means to keep them up-to-date with your news and forthcoming releases. From a purely technical standpoint, a regularly-updated blog will improve your visibility in Google search listings. It will also keep visitors interested in your site and your work, turning visitors into readers and readers into fans. Here are our top strategies for establishing and maintaining your author blog.

General strategies

  • Use tags and categories: Tag your posts with relevant keywords based on the content of that post and topics that you discuss.
  • Make it easy to navigate: Set up your blog with a sidebar where a visitor can search for particular blog posts and also view the various tags you use for each post.
  • Update your blog regularly: Ideally you should be updating your blog at least once a month. Understandably, many authors prioritize writing their book rather than working on blog posts. But remember, you are not just an author of a book, but also a content creator. An interesting blog with fresh posts is an excellent way of keeping readers and fans interested in you and your work. Add writing regular posts into your writing schedule – you won’t be sorry!
  • Make it easy for your posts to be shared: Place social media “share” buttons on each of your posts so that visitors can share them easily and boost their visibility.

Content ideas

  • Personal posts: These can be stories about what is happening in your life, or just telling visitors about things that interest you (and possibly them as well). These kinds of posts are great for letting visitors take a peek at the person behind the book.
  • Posts about writing: If you are self-publishing your book, the chances are that at least some of your blog readers are also authors working on their own books. Twitter This may sound like a niche audience to write for, but other authors can be powerful marketing allies and friends. Giving the general visitor a look behind the scenes at your writing life can also be worthwhile and interesting.
  • Posts which develop your book’s “universe”: These could also be called “behind-the-scenes” posts, where you can introduce your characters to visitors, describe what they are like and discuss their place in the wider world you are creating for them. These sorts of posts are especially useful for sustaining interest in your series of books.
  • Interviews and PR clippings: Don’t forget that a blog is a great way to tell your visitors about things like media interviews and press clippings. This can do wonders for your credibility and raise your profile immensely.

Keep your blog fresh, interesting and current, and you can’t go wrong.

Do you have any other content suggestions? Leave a comment below.