Your Novel is your Product

The universal principles of successful self-publishing (coming early 2018)

Why write a book?

Independent publishing is coming of age. When self-publishing really started to take off way back in 2009, there was not a lot written about how to be successful at it. Now, almost a decade later, things are moving fast and there’s an enormous amount of resources available to authors who want to self-publish – too much to really make sense of. This is where our book will come in.
But does the world really need another book about self-publishing?

Too much information and not enough knowledge

We have read books by other experts and completed several courses on self-publishing. Most importantly, though, we’ve seen first-hand what works and what doesn’t for our own clients. Through all of this, we’ve been looking out for patterns and best practices, and it’s these “universal principles” that we want to share with you in our own book. We’re all drowning in too much information; we want to distill this down into workable knowledge for you. This is our mission for the book.

So what topics will the book actually deal with?

We are not looking to give you shortcuts (because there are none), or introduce you to marketing fads that will fade over time. Self-publishing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Rather, we will break down the process of self-publishing systematically, looking at how each part relates to the other and, as a whole, work together to position the author for success – the chain of success.

A preliminary list of topics includes:

  • An overview of the chain of success
  • The right mindset for successful self-publishing
  • What makes a book “good”
  • Writing techniques for success
  • Marketing your book
  • Building and keeping momentum

We want you to be involved

This project is for you. As an independent author, you have unique insight into what challenges you are facing in your quest to be a successful self-publisher. That is why we want to hear from you. We want you to be involved from the very start of this process. So, enter your email address below to join our inner circle and share your experiences and feedback.