Developmental Editing

Never underestimate the power of a good editor

You want your novel to be great

You understand how important the revision process is: you know that the first draft is a good starting point, but that your novel will truly come to life when you’re committed to revising, rewriting and perfecting it. You want your readers to be as invested in and moved by your story as you are. And you know that having a good editor by your side every step of the way will give you the power to do that.

The ultimate beta reader

Our Developmental Editing package is similar to our Book Coaching program in that it involves hands-on, day-to-day writing support. Jenna, our in-house writing expert and book coach, will not only assess the first draft of your manuscript, but guide you through the entire revision process. She will identify problems and suggest solutions, and then provide you with support as you actually implement those solutions. Developmental Editing basically eliminates the “lonely” and “lost” factors from revision!

What you’ll get

Our Developmental Editing package includes a Manuscript Assessment to kick off the revision process. In addition to the comprehensive report on your first draft, Jenna will also provide in-depth feedback at a textual level: this means that she will make detailed comments on the manuscript itself (which is not included with the Manuscript Assessment package). This will provide you with invaluable and clear-cut guidance during revision.

Once you’ve received your report, you’ll schedule a Skype session with Jenna to discuss your manuscript in detail and to plan an effective revision strategy. Jenna will be available for email support throughout the revision process, so you’ll always have someone to turn to when you get stuck (or just need to vent!).

Once you’ve completed the second draft of your manuscript, Jenna will once again read through it and provide feedback in the form of a report, as well as a debriefing session via Skype. She will also provide you with weekly email support for three months afterwards.

The Developmental Editing package includes:

  • A detailed and comprehensive Manuscript Assessment report (of a minimum of 10 pages) providing constructive feedback on your manuscript
  • Detailed, annotated comments on the first draft of your manuscript
  • A Skype session to discuss your first draft and plan your revision strategy
  • Day-to-day support throughout the revision process
  • An assessment of the revised draft of your manuscript
  • A second Skype session to discuss the revised draft and the future of your novel
  • Weekly email support for a period of three months afterwards

$0.03 per word*

based on the word count of your first draft. Limited spaces. Save 10% if you pay in full upfront.

Let’s do this revision thing right


Why do I need to revise my first draft?

Revising and perfecting your manuscript can be even more difficult and time-consuming than writing the first draft. It’s an absolutely essential part of the novel-writing process, however: even the most prolific best-selling author can’t get it right on the first try. You’ve put so much time and effort into writing your book that you owe it to yourself – and your readers – to make sure that it’s the best it can be. It’s during the revision process that you will add the flesh to its bones, the magic and the nuances that will make it come to life and keep your reader entranced.

What is the difference between Developmental Editing and the Manuscript Assessment package?

Developmental Editing provides you with much more detailed, in-depth feedback, and on-going support during the entire revision process. Both packages include a comprehensive report and constructive feedback on your first draft, but Developmental Editing includes annotated comments on your actual manuscript. These comments allow for more focused observations and guidance. The Developmental Editing package also includes a Skype call to discuss your revision strategy, day-to-day email support throughout the revision process, a second assessment and report on your revised second draft, and longer access to weekly email support afterwards.

Who will my editor be?

Your Developmental Editor will be our resident writing guru, Jenna. She has a PhD in English Literature, and has helped dozens of authors to successfully complete and perfect their novels.

What happens after I’ve signed up?

We will be in touch shortly with a sample report and our onboarding questionnaire, so that we can get a few vital bits of information from you: the length and title of your novel, its genre, and any specific problem areas you’d like Jenna to focus on during the initial Manuscript Assessment. Once you’ve sent that through, we’ll provide you with a welcome packet that contains our payment information and terms of service, as well as a link to book a slot on Jenna’s schedule.

How long will it take?

The initial Manuscript Assessment and the annotated comments on your first draft usually take about three to four weeks to complete. Once we’ve received your payment, we’ll be able to reserve your spot on Jenna’s schedule and let you know when to expect this first stage to be completed. After that, it’s up to you: the pace of revision will be determined by your own schedule.  

Will my manuscript be treated confidentially?

Absolutely. We understand that you might be nervous about sending your manuscript to us. Rest assured that we are professionals and will treat your work with the respect that it deserves: it belongs to you, and you alone. We will acknowledge your intellectual property rights, and never share your manuscript with anyone else without your knowledge and permission – ever.

Why is there limited availability for Developmental Editing?

Developmental Editing is a time-intensive commitment – for both author and editor! Jenna wants to make sure that her authors get the most out of their relationship, so she limits the number of authors she takes on at any given time. Please do get in touch to check her availability; if she’s currently fully booked, we can add you to our waiting list so you’ll be next in line.

What does “day-to-day email support” and “weekly email support” mean?

Jenna will be on hand while you are revising the first draft of your manuscript for “day-to-day email support” to answer any questions you have via email, and provide advice and motivation when you need it. “Weekly email support” is provided for a period of three months after you have completed your second draft and Jenna has completed the second assessment and the debriefing Skype session. If you need clarification or a more detailed explanation of any of the points covered in your second report, you are welcome to email Jenna and she will reply once a week, on a pre-arranged day.

What are the payment terms?

Once you’ve signed up and completed the onboarding questionnaire, we will send you our payment details. You have the option to pay the full price upfront, or in two installments (50% upfront, and 50% one calendar month later). You will save 10% on the total price if you choose to pay in full upfront. Once we’ve received the first payment, we will be able to reserve your time on Jenna’s schedule.

How do you collect payment?

We collect payment securely via PayPal. All fees are quoted in US Dollars.

Ok, I am interested. How do I find out more?

Simply fill in your name and email address in the box below, and we’ll be in touch shortly!