Novel Roadmapping

Find the right path – and stay on it

Novel-writing is a mammoth task

Whether it’s your first novel or your tenth, getting started is the hardest part. How do you work out (and keep track of) all the intricacies of your plot? What decisions do you need to make before you write that first chapter? Do you even need to make any decisions – or start at Chapter One, for that matter? How can you make sure that you won’t run out of steam before you finish?

You need a strategy

There is a lot of advice out there on how best to plan your novel before you start writing it. But one-size-fits-all solutions just don’t work. You need a strategy that’s going to work for you. That’s why our Novel Roadmapping program is tailor-made to your novel, your strengths, and your preferred writing habits. Our writing expert will guide you through a series of strategic planning sessions to form a blueprint for your novel that will actually work for you.

You know the final destination: a great novel. We’ll help you find the best route to get there.

What you’ll get

Over the duration of four weeks, you will work closely with our writing expert to plan the best way to transform your ideas into an amazing novel. Through our bi-weekly calls and regular emails, we’ll cover some of the most pertinent aspects of novel-writing, including character creation, effective plotting, choosing a narrative perspective, finding the right structure, and understanding your genre.

We’ll also help you to develop the right habits and mindset not just to get you started, but all the way to “The End”.

The Novel Roadmapping program includes:

  • Three one-hour consultations over Skype over a four-week duration
  • Comprehensive assistance with plotting and outlining your novel
  • Daily email support during the duration of the program
  • Weekly follow-up emails for two months afterwards

$649 once-off

Stop putting your novel off – get started now!


Will you read my manuscript before the consultation?

If it’s a particular scene, chapter or description that’s causing you trouble and you’d like to talk it through, Jenna will be happy to read a section of your manuscript, up to 5,000 words, before the consultation call. You’re also welcome to send her plot outlines or character sketches, up to 5,000 words in length. If you’re looking for more detailed feedback on a longer section or the first draft of your novel, our Manuscript Assessment package might be a better fit for you.

Who will I be talking to?

Your consultation will be with our Editorial Director, Jenna. She has a PhD in English Literature, and has helped dozens of authors to successfully complete and perfect their novels. When we say that the doctor is in, we really mean it!

What will we talk about?

Your call is your time, so it’s up to you! We can discuss any burning question you have about your writing, getting your novel finished, or how to get it out there into the world.

What happens after I’ve signed up?

We will be in touch shortly via email with our pre-consultation questionnaire. Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, we’ll send you a link with payment information and schedule a time that suits you for our call.

Can I record our call?

Yes! You are more than welcome to record our call, so that you can listen and refer back to it later.

Do I have to fill out the questionnaire?

Yes. By asking you a couple of short questions ahead of time, we can be sure that we’re well prepared for the call and that you can get the most out of your time. The questionnaire isn’t long, we promise.

What happens after our call?

Within 48 hours of your consultation, Jenna will send you a follow-up email containing a summary of the most important points covered during your consultation, as well as any suggestions for resources you may want to consult. You will also receive weekly follow-up emails for two weeks after your call.

How do the weekly follow-up emails work?

If you need clarification or a more detailed explanation of any of the points covered during your consultation, you are welcome to email Jenna. She will be on hand to reply once a week, on a pre-arranged day, for two weeks after your call.   

What if I want more help?

No problem! If you feel you’d benefit from additional hands-on, one-on-one help from our writing expert, please check out our Quick-start Consultation and Book Coaching packages.

How do you collect payment?

We collect payment securely via PayPal. All fees are quoted in US Dollars.

Ok, I am interested. How do I find out more?

Simply fill in your name and email address in the box below, and we’ll be in touch shortly!