Drumming up attention for your book can be one of the most difficult aspects of your self-publishing journey. You may be considering taking out advertising to publicize your novel. If you have the budget, paid advertising can be a great way of attracting attention. In this post, we consider the paid advertising options for authors, and advise you on those that have proven most successful.

Paid advertising that doesn’t work

There are two forms of paid advertising that we advise our clients to avoid:

  • Print advertising: This tends to be far too expensive for a self-publisher, and will lack impact if you are completely unknown. The effectiveness of print advertising is also hard to measure. Rather let the big publishers waste their cash on this.
  • Google adwords: There is absolutely no reason to waste your money trying to promote your book through adverts on Google, as Google just isn’t the first place people go looking for books. Rather put your effort into being more visible on places like Amazon, where people go specifically to find new books.

Better paid advertising options

  • Boosted Facebook posts can be effective in attracting attention for specific things you have posted on your Facebook page, such as the release of your book or a virtual book tour “stop” which has gone live. Be sure to target the right audience to create the maximum impact. Twitter
  • Paid email listing sites like Bookbub and eBookSoda are great for publicizing your book when you have a special offer running. A word of warning, though: these sites can be expensive (especially Bookbub) and cannot guarantee results. In addition, they usually only accept books that already have a certain amount of reviews and are enrolled in Amazon’s KDP Select program, so that you can make the book free or discounted for a limited time.
  • Amazon listing adverts are very new, but because Amazon is the world’s number 1 place that readers go to buy books, we are sure these will prove to be highly effective. We will watch these carefully and report back on their effectiveness.

Finally, don’t forget to keep track of what you are spending on advertising. Curtail your costs if you are not seeing results. This is standard practice in most businesses, and self-publishing is a business, so it should be for you as well. Be sure to keep track of how each of your marketing channels is performing.

Has paid advertising worked for you? We’d love to hear about your advertising strategies in the comments section below!