In this installment of our Writing Community Spotlight, we’re happy to welcome Norman Turrell from Now! Writer – a relatively new site that is connecting like-minded authors across the globe. Now! Writer focuses on providing writers with the resources and connections they need most. Over to Norman, to tell us more…

Q&A with Norman Turrell from Now! Writer

Author Secret: Tell us a little about Now! Writer: what is it, and how did you get started?

Now! Writer has been running for a few months now. I’m a member of many online and live writer groups. I saw the same requests for information and assistance coming up again and again: needing beta readers, reviews, marketing help. I wanted to form a platform which:

  • provides a trusted community focused on connecting people with no sales agenda for itself;
  • allows writers to pool their resources and increase their reach;
  • supplies a framework for online activities, such as blogging and marketing.

Collectively we can make much more impact than alone, hence our slogan ‘We’re stronger together’.

AS: Now! Writer is still a relatively young online community. What plans do you have in the pipeline for its development in the future?

We’re constantly changing to our members’ requests and requirements and we will remain as flexible as possible. The future of Now! Writer is in the hands of its members.Twitter

AS: How do your members interact with one another on the site?

The first step for a member is to get in touch with us about their needs. We can then connect them to other members who can help.

We implemented a forum on the website for a while, but our members communicate mainly through e-mail in small groups, so we found it wasn’t necessary and removed it. Members don’t really need Now! Writer once their activity is started. We just put people together.

AS: What is The Critique Guide, and what does it offer writers?

The Critique Guide – a guide to critiquing creative writing – was written by myself in response to working with critique groups. I’ve run many of these over the years and found a varying degree of success in feedback. I wanted something I could give to people to improve their experience and activity. I thought that critiquing would be a major focus of Now! Writer, so gave the first section (all I had finished at the time of founding) away free to people who register. Actually, Now! Writer helps with so much more so we’ll potentially produce more guides for all sorts of things in the future.

AS: What do you think is the biggest benefit of being part of an online community of fellow writers?

I wrote a blog on why writers need other writers which was guest posted at Now! Writer, so I think I’ll just point you to that: you can read it here.

AS: Do you have any top tips for new members getting started on your site?

New members should get in touch with us as soon as they have any needs or questions. We’ll connect them with people who can help. Members will get the best out of the community by getting involved and making connections. We also ask for some support in growing the platform through social media and contributing that way; it’s in all our interests to get new members. The introductory mail covers how a member can help with this.

It’s all about doing rather than talking about it, so let’s do it together, Now! Writer.

Thank you once again to Norman for chatting to us about the site, and for creating a strong community for writers everywhere!

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