How you present yourself on your own site and online stores like Amazon can make or break a sale. Imagine that you have gotten someone onto your site, held their interest and convinced them to click through to an online store to buy your book – only to have them change their mind at the last second because the way you have presented your book is lacklustre and uninspiring. This happens all the time, and it drives home how all of the parts of your sales funnel need to work together to make a sale happen. Writing persuasive sales copy is a vital skill you need to learn as a self-publisher.

Three tips for writing persuasive sales copy for your website

  • Each piece of copy needs to have a clear purpose. For example, the sole purpose of a headline is to grab the reader’s attention and compel them to keep reading. Always keep in mind the purpose you are trying to achieve.
  • Have a clear call to action. What is it that you want visitors to your site to do, and what is in it for them? Think about how you want your visitors to move through your site, and how your copy can entice them to follow this route.
  • Keep copy short, to-the-point and genuine. Everyone is busy these days, and you are fighting for milliseconds of someone’s timeTwitter . It’s no good writing huge, dense paragraphs of text and expecting people to wade through them. Keep it short and simple, and write from the heart.

Three tips for optimizing your copy on the online stores

  • Don’t give away too much. You want to tease potential buyers and have them ask “What happens next?” after reading your book’s description. To help focus, avoid going into detail about sub-plots and keep the length to around 150 words.
  • Write to convince your ideal reader. Make a connection with the person who you think would buy your book. How do they talk in conversation? What would they say to convince their friends to buy your book?
  • Evoke some emotion. You need to leave a lasting impression, and resonating with a potential reader on an emotional level will increase the impact of your book description and make it more memorable.

Do you agree with our tips or have any of your own? Leave a comment and let us know how you make sure that your marketing copy generates sales.